Monday, July 12, 2010

"Create" ... "Cards for Monique" campaign

"Cards for Monique" is a campaign put out there by Robyn at for us to send pink cards to Monique Griffith who is fighting breast cancer.  It's times like this that you can feel so close to someone you haven't even met.  One of the many upsides of the scrapbooking/Cricut community.  So, Monique, this is going into the mail right now for you.  You are an inspiration to many.  Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family through this battle that you will conquer.

What I did:

Paper:  My Minds Eye, paper is thin so I cut it on depth=4, speed=4, pressure=4
Cricut cut:  Lacy Labels, Adore #33 w/ Shadow and Layer  (I used my gypsy to get the size I needed)

Ribbon and Pearl Accent

Sentiment printed on computer using Freehand 591 Font, Size 24 pt, printing on Best setting

Outside:  Sometimes we just need to know that people care
Inside:  If this is one of those times, I'm one of those people!

Some strips of the dotted paper used on the front is carried through to the inside.

This was made with love Monique!

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