Friday, July 2, 2010

"Create" ... many "Purse"-sonal Invitations

I needed 120 invitations for an activity at our church. I made these purses to go with the theme, but printed the info. on the paper first. Here's how --

First, I designed a 8 ½ x11 template on my gypsy using the Paisley cartridge. The purse is the Purse2 cut, which I hid the lines inside, and the flower is the Clothes3 cut using the Button feature. I was able to fit 3 purses on one piece of paper.

I then cut a template with plain paper.

On a word processing program, I designed the party information measuring to hopefully fit into my template. I printed out this information.

Holding my printed paper behind the white template, I was able, with some tweeking, line it up.

I then took my double-sided paper and ran it through my printer, printing the information on the plain side. Because of the layout of my template, I then ran these papers through my Cricut, printed side down.

As you can see, it turned out perfectly. Yeah!!!

I’m not sure if I’ll keep them monochromatic, or interchange the colors.

120 cut and ready for assembling…then delivery!! I sure love my CRICUT!!



  1. What a cute idea!!! TFS, you have an amazing talent! I looked at your recipe's too, LOVE THEM!!!!

    Celeste B.

  2. Great idea!!! I love them! Very creative!!!